New Content

Drawings of the sidecar trolleys we use at the shop have been added to the tools page. And six (6) movies of the Zundapp KS750 disassembly have been posted on the projects page.

R65 Descends From the Heavens

Mr. D’s R65 Descended to Earth on Wednesday night. And there was much rejoicing. The tentative plan was to take it for a test ride, but it started to rain, so that idea was scrapped. Getting rain scum on that surgically clean bike would have been a crime.


Brrrrrr Cold

Cold in the shop today. New kitty cat doesn’t mind. He was last seen clambering up the side of a pink Vespa side car. There’s no accounting for taste.

Took some pics of side car dollies and bike-building stands. Camera wouldn’t talk to PC, so we have to get a card reader to get the pics posted. Will is going to make a final drawing of the second generation dolly so we can post it in the tools section.

Work continues on the R65. Should be out the door soon. After that work will resume on the Zundapp war bikes. Yee Haw!