War Bike Restoration



Here are some plans for the sidecar trolleys we use at the shop. We are not really interested in making them to sell, but they are very handy (especially for the two-wheel-drive outfits), so we thought we would share them with you. More images will be coming soon.


Some notes on construction:

  • Cut tubes to size
  • Drill all holes before welding
  • Lay out tubes and mark orientation
  • 2.0" 14 ga. square tubing is good. Change to suit.
  • Larger wheels work better than smaller
  • Loose fit of all-thread in tubes is OK.
  • Fit support pad (1 ea.) and muffler clamps (3 ea.) to all-thread.
  • Minimal welds work OK. Top and bottom only necessary.
  • Roll trolley under rig from rear. Turn nuts on all-thread to lift/support sidecar and wheel off ground. Remove from bike straight off (perpendicular to direction of bike travel). This works well with BMW R75 on center stand.
  • This can be done by one man alone if necessary.